Shear blades – Best Use of Metal Recycling

Metal fabrication industry, one of the processes is cutting of sheet metal with the help of tyre shredding blades also known as die cutting. Metal sheet is the rawest form of metal that is accessible to cut into smaller pieces by shear blades. As metal fabrication is one of the basic foundations of human civilization, when humans lived without having durable machines and had no knowledge about any metal. The method of fabrication, when combined with metal, indicates the production of several metal products and machines. Scrap shear blades do this work by cutting and making metal in its most raw form.

 shear blades

The industrial hydraulic shear blades type used to cut down various materials among which are: junk of all kinds, standard profiles UPN and IPN, metal rods, metal plates balances, ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Characteristics Of Tyre Shredding Blades Type 

  • High performance shears, designed for heavy work.
  • Hydraulic cutting stroke is controlled by pedal operated by the operator, working without impact.
  • Extra security can stop the cutting process at the discretion of the operator, who has full control of the entire cutting cycle.
  • The cutting blades of these shears are reversible on 4 sides.

Scrap shear blades in tire recycling are one of the most expensive ways of recycling due to its bulky shape and hardness of the tire. Moreover the crushers used for the process of cutting tires into pieces are one of the most expensive recycling machines at the time to buy and store. These costs along with local and governmental regulations, transportation costs and other factors of great weight on the processors, makes it harder for the tirerecyclers profit.

How to Shop for Tyre Shredding Blades?

Shear blades can be purchased in two means. One is to contact the manufacturer of the shearing unit that requires a long delay and the second one is to find the relevant shear blades online. Since the introduction of the internet, getting the products, even industrial products, is becoming much easier every day. There are many online websites that provide shear blades, tyre shredding blades or many other types of blades so that a potential customer have numerous options accessible to choose from.