Buy Used Porsche Wheels – Cost Effective Alternative

If the old set of Porsche Centerlock Wheels are worn, you can buy used instead of a new set of wheels for winter also. Since tires usually last several years, this is a cost effective alternative. However, it is best to note the following tips before buying that can help you in making a more informed decision.

Shop winter wheels in good time – If your old wheels need to be replaced, you should think in time to buy a new – not only when the first frost is coming and you want to buy wheels for winter. In summer, the demand for winter tires is not so high, therefore you may get used tires less expensive as compared to late autumn. If you want to buy used wheels, find cheap offers, for example, in the classified ads of local newspapers and advertising newspapers or online auction houses. Also Porsche dealers have frequently used winter tires on offer.

Check winter Porsche wheels set well – When you buy used Porsche wheels from a private seller, you must check exactly in advance prior to buy them. The difference between usable and bald wheels with the naked eye for the layman is difficult to determine. Either you are familiar or have not so good knowledge; you take the knowledgeable one who can examine the wheel professionally.

Some other things need to be considered

Used set of wheels that you should check based on multiple factors. Some key important factors are as under;

  • The wheel tread is still deep enough. Less than four millimeters it should according to ADAC not be. A sufficient tread depth ensures that your car comes to a fast stop on slippery or wet wintry roads. Therefore, you should not buy used winter wheels for your Porsche in a more affordable price, if they are too far departed.
  • Another important criterion that you should check before buying, the age of the wheel set. This tells you the four-digit DOT number, which is on the tire. “2309” for example, means that the tires were manufactured in the 23 calendar week of 2009. It is recommended that you should not buy wheels that are older than six years – no matter if they are already used or not.